Birthing Your Baby Breech

So what if…your baby is in a breech position before being born??  What is breech?  According to Wikipedia, “A breech birth is the birth of a baby from a breech presentation.  In the breech presentation the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first as opposed to the normal head first presentation.”  Can a mother birth her baby in this position?

This kind of birth is possible, but it can be risky.  Ina May Gaskin, a Midwife who started the homebirthing movement in the United States, does an interview with the New York Times, May 2012. She has delivered thousands of babies in her life time, has written books, and continues educating woman around the world. Gaskin says regarding breech birth, “at first, we brought breech pregnancies to the hospital, but we found after a while that we could deliver them here just fine. Footling breeches, which are thought to be the most difficult, in our experience, they often just slid right out.” She later said,“The main danger with breech babies is that the head, the largest part of baby, is last to come out, so it may get stuck,” she continues, “If the baby has been delivered to the umbilicus, you have five or six minutes before hypoxia sets in, but you don’t want to pull on the head if you can’t see the neck for fear of injuring the baby,” Gaskin said. (Mommy Wars: The Prequel, by Samantha M. Shapiro, May 23, 2012)

The different positions of breech are in the pictures below:

A breech birth is not the ideal situation.  I have often thought, if my baby was in this position, I would try everything I could to turn it to be head down.  In my mind, having the head down is a safer way to birth a baby.  If you feel this way too, here is a great site to give you guidance on how to turn your baby.  This site has a TON of great info on changing the position of your baby in a safe, gentle way.

Spinning Babies

Some other ways to turn your baby:

Chiropractor adjustments

The Wesbster Technique


If you are a mother who’s baby has not turned, you feel good about delivering breech, and your care provider WILL help you with this kind of birth-check out these amazing breech birth stories.

Birthing Without Fear published a birth story of a woman giving birth naturally, and her baby is breech.  The mother shows an amazing amount of trust in herself, in God, and in her birthing support team.

A Footling Breech Birth-this one has some cool pictures

A Breech birth in Water

My heart is with you as you make the best decision of how to birth your baby.

Fears Can Change Through Positive Affirmations

Since I have chosen a more natural way to have my babies, Many woman ask me, “what if something goes wrong?”

With every pregnancy, new fears and anxieties come up.

What if there is meconium?

What if the cord is around the neck?

What if the baby isn’t breathing?

What if I tear really bad?

What if…?

For some reason, people LOVE to focus on the scary things and the horror stories.  Gather the courage to ask them to please stop telling you the bad things about birth and that you are really working hard to make this a positive experience.

Believe me, when I am pregnant I get many comments that start stirring up the fears.  There have even been times that I will just tell people what they want to hear, so I don’t have to listen their negativity.  The less information I tell them, the better.  You will find out soon enough that the majority of the world is very scared of a natural childbirth.

Over the years, I have learned how to address these fears and not just put them to the side.  Addressing them and creating a resolve, brings peace of mind when you are actually in labor. I have found that the more peace I have during my pregnancy, the more successful I am at having a baby.

I like to come up with Positive Affirmations.

For example:

I prepare for the birth of my baby with confidence and joy.

I am relaxed and happy that my baby is finally coming to me.

I am focused on a smooth, easy birth.

I trust my body to know what to do.

My mind is relaxed; my body is relaxed.

I feel confident;I feel safe; I feel secure.

Before coming up with my affirmations, I write down all my fears.  This helps me to know where to direct my statements.  These can be fears about the birth, fears about a relationship, fears about money, fears about family.  Anything that is bringing you anxiety or stress-those are the areas you should focus on.

Then I write them, with a colorful pen or marker, and put them up where I will see them often.  When I see them, I feel extra strength and power.  Your mind is so powerful and if you allow yourself to work through your fears, you can create the birth you desire.

A short video of beautiful pregnant woman mixed with affirmations.

Writing an Affirmation

  • Be clear and specific.  State exactly what you want.
  • State what you wish to create, not what you want to change.
  • Use the present tense
  • Write affirmations in the positive.
  • The affirmation is written for you and only you.  Be sure to use I.
  • Affirmations are for something you have control over in your life.
  • It is very important to visualize the end result as you say your affirmation.
  • State your Affirmations without doubt
  • Choose Affirmations that resonate with you

These statements have helped me every time!  Try them, they work.

How do I Know I’m in Labor?

If you are a:

  • 1st time mommy
  • mommy having a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC)
  • 1st time mommy having no pain medicine

this experience called LABOR might be very new to you.  If this is you, this birth experience can feel like you are having a baby for the very first time.  Rest assured, you are not alone!  You can do this and your body was made to have babies this way.  So, I thought I would share a couple of my experiences of how my labors started and progressed.

First of all, the word labor is a little negative, so I will call this period of time, birth or birthing your baby.

My first at age 20 months

1st Labor/Birth

Thinking back to my very first birth, I read and read.  I wanted to have as much knowledge, so there wouldn’t be any surprises.  I loved all the books I read and the classes I took.  I felt very prepared.

The day before the birth, I was at church.  I started feeling the tight tummy or Braxton hicks more frequently.  I didn’t have any pain, just a REALLY tight tummy.  I began to keep track of how frequently they were coming and it was about every 10 minutes.  I still didn’t tell my husband…I wanted to make sure I was really getting ready to birth this baby.

We went home from church, rested, had dinner, hung out with family, and got ready for bed.  I went to bed and at 1 am, and was woken up to my water releasing.  That was an interesting popping feeling.  I felt like I had wet the bed.  I knew then, the baby would be born soon.  Then the tightening came more frequent, about every 5 minutes.  Now the tightening felt like an uncomfortable menstrual cramp.

They were finally coming every 3 minutes and I felt discomfort in my lower back.  I had learned some great positions and breathing techniques to help me work with each contraction or surge.  This part lasted about an  hour or so and then it was time for me to breathe the baby out.

It was probably an hour and then little baby was out!  From the time my water released to the birth, it was about 6 hours.

This was a very relaxing part of the birth. I got to listen to my Hypnobirthing CDs, and breathe.

5th Labor/Birth

This birthing experience was a little different at the beginning.  I never had the regular tummy tightening like my first one.

I remember waking up the morning of the birth day, and I had lost the mucus plug.  This is a clear mucus with a little blood in it.  This is a great sign for when you are getting closer to birthing your baby.

I put a pad on and told my husband we needed to go walking.  It was Christmas time, so we loaded the kids up and headed to the mall to visit Santa.  While we were there, I had sporadic surges/contractions.  With each one, I would have a tiny bit of the menstrual cramp feeling.

After a couple hours, the surges still were not regular.  I rested, but while resting, I would wake up during a surge.  This was a good sign.  Then I started watching my clock.  They were coming every 15 minutes now!  I then helped with dinner and during this, I would need to visit the bathroom.

I could feel the baby descending, and the head was pushing on my rectum.  I was having some good bowel movements now:)  The discomfort was becoming a little more intense in my back now.  I continued to help with dinner, but didn’t really feel like eating.  The surges were every 5 minutes.  I finally told my husband that I needed the birthing tub set up.


I was in the tub for about an hour and then our 5th baby was born


Again, I used my positions, breathing, and hypnobirthing CDs to help during this stage.  After I got into the tub, the surges were not as close together, BUT they were more intense.  I was in the tub for about an hour and my body wanted to breathe the baby out.  She was born after a few good surges!  Compared to my first birth, the water added so much comfort during the transition part of labor.

I have realized that with the early stages of labor, it can be very different.  Then when it comes closer to the actual birth, the labor is about the same.  Here is a description of the different stages that take place.



Stages of Labor

3 stages of labor

The first stage begins when you start having contractions that cause progressive changes in your cervix and ends when your cervix is fully dilated. This stage is divided into two phases:

  • Early labor: Your cervix gradually effaces (thins out) and dilates (opens).
  • Active labor: Your cervix begins to dilate more rapidly, and contractions are longer, stronger, and closer together. People often refer to the last part of active labor as transition.

The second stage of labor begins once you’re fully dilated and ends with the birth of your baby. This is sometimes referred to as the “pushing” stage.

The third stage begins right after the birth of your baby and ends with the delivery of the placenta. (

A day after the birth of my 2nd girl



This a a time to listen to your body.  Make sure you have a good support team, that will encourage you to achieve the labor and birth you desire.  This can be one of the most empowering times of a woman’s life!  It definitely is for me.




Videos of Calm Natural Births

I just LOVE watching these videos before I deliver my own babies.  They give me an added strength and help me feel like I can really do it.

Added videos 7/19/12


Hypnobabies birth in the hospital.  Great informative video.

Waterbirth at a birthing center

Mother directed pushing in a hospital

Added 7/20/12-A beautiful home/water birth

Romy’s Birth Story from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

Here is a link to some amazing photographs of this same birth.  I LOVE this site!

This mom looks like she delivered in a birthing center or hospital that supported her on a natural childbirth

Liam’s Birth Story from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.

A birth center birth. This one brings tears for sure.  I think it is her first baby.

Halen’s Birth Story from Ceci Jane on Vimeo.


I will continue adding to this post!  I hope you enjoyed the births.