Chicken Caesar Wrap

This turned out so yummy!  All of my kids ate it up.


Lettuce blend (red and green leafy)-chopped, washed, and spin it

Caesar dressing (I love Ken’s-it has less preservatives)

Pita Chips-crunched in small pieces (I use seasoned chips, but any will do)

Tortilla chip strips (adds more crunch to the wrap)

Avocado-cut into small cubes


Uncooked tortillas (find these in the refrigerator section by the cheeses)-Warm a non-stick pan, follow cooking directions on package

Organic Chicken breasts (Walmart has some in their meat section)-seasoned, cooked, shredded

Oil (I use grapeseed oil)



Preheat a skillet on medium heat.  Also, preheat your oven to 350.  Season your chicken with salt and favorite poultry seasoning.  Put a little oil in your pan, add chicken.  Cook on each side until they are browned.  Put some foil on the arm of your pan, and stick the whole pan with the chicken in the preheated oven.  Cook 10-15 minutes.  It might need a little more time, just check it.

Preheat a larger nonstick pan.  Follow directions on how to cook the tortillas.  I LOVE these kind of tortillas.  They have fewer ingredients, and taste like restaurant tortillas.

Chop and rinse your lettuce.  I always spin mine too!

Crunch your pitas.

Cut the avocado and tomato.

To assemble:

Place tortilla on your plate.  Put lettuce, pitas, tortilla strips, and chicken pieces in a bowl.  Add Caesar dressing and toss.  Pile the mixture on top of the tortilla.

Add your avocado and tomatoes.  Roll up and enjoy!!

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