Natural Childbirth and Everything Else about Motherhood


This is me, right after the birth of my 2nd baby.  I just LOVE birth!  I have had 5 natural births, 1 out of the water, and 4 in the water.  I’m excited to be sharing one of my greatest loves with you.

Almost 8 years ago I had my first baby.  While I was pregnant I read everything I could get my hands on about how to have a natural birth at home.  As I read, I soon decided to have my baby at home in a birthing tub.  The experience was just how I pictured it, wonderful.  I then continued my education by apprenticing with a midwife, going to births, and having more of my own children.  When I was pregnant with my fifth, I got trained to be a Doula.  I have been to a variety of births (home and hospital) and have helped many mothers with Postpartum care.  I love this time of a woman’s life and feel that sharing my experiences can help many other woman.

Throughout the pages on this site, you will find inspiring information for both the new and seasoned mothers.  My desire is in helping woman create the birth experience they desire, through educating them and offering words of encouragement and support.

The pages you are about to read are a collection of personal experiences mixed with testimonials, along with some amazing info I have collected over time.  I’m excited to be sharing my journey with you during this exciting time of my life.  Enjoy!



15 thoughts on “Natural Childbirth and Everything Else about Motherhood

    • I LOVE it! I took a little time off to have a baby, but now I’m excited to have a few new clients. In fact I have a mom due anytime. Being a Doula has given me a deeper understanding of birth and helped me realize where one of my passion are. Great to hear from you:)

  1. Your so great Jen! I think you have a talent for having children and being a mom. You are definately a positive role model for women everywhere and have so much positive advice and experience to draw from. I’m proud of you for going after what your passionate about. Best of luck to you.

  2. Hi Jen! (The Birthing Lady!)
    I miss not having you in our neighborhood, but I am glad to see you move forward in this great field of Birthing! With your “new additions” and in helping other women with their “new additions”. I have always been happy to tell people I had my last two children in a home birth. I haven’t done the water birth but I used what I learned from the hypnobirthing and those births were far greater compared to the other births. If we feel we are to have more children, we will continue this pattern. Thank you for your example and the love you show to us women/mothers.

    • So great to hear from you Laureen! Next time I am in the neighborhood, I will for sure stop by. I would love to hear how Hypnobirthing helped you with some of your births. You could send me an email if you would like.

  3. You ARE the Birthing Lady! You are also probably the coolest pregnant lady I have ever seen, since you can still ride a scooter and throw a football while being pregnant! I love the site and know you will be super successful. I love the pictures too!

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